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Lots of Stuff to Talk About!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 28, 2009

Whew! Hey people. It’s been a while! Well not really. But theres a lot of stuff going on and we havent posted about anything yet! 

Ok lets break it down. 

For some reason, club penguin decided to have a random snow party. For members, there are two new racing sleds, a snow maze, and a new snow catalog. For nonmembers and members, there is a blue pompom toque hat thingy.

Catalog stuff:

On the first page, if you click the green penguin, you can buy a green team hockey jersey. (450 Coins)

On the next page, if you click the LIME-green penguin, you can buy a green team goalie gear. (600 coins)

on the third page, if you click the word “ICE”, you can get white pompoms! (125 coins)

There are two new sleds: Green and Pink.

The blue pompom hat is at the Ski Mountain. 

This Snow Maze Business is pretty intense. Here are the directions (sorry my computer is being a bum and wont let me draw lines on the map telling which way to go…so just follow these directions. I will keep trying to draw lines on the map!)

Straight Up, Down, Left, Immediate Up, Right, Second Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Second Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Second Down, Left, Up, FINISH!!!! Yay!!!

Here is a picture of the map in case you need help. Below it, in case you dont trust my directions, is a picture of the maze with a path filled in for you. Good luck!

Very stupidly done, I'm only learning about this editing stuff, so sorry if its hard to read.

Ok. That’s done. Now for the REALLY hard part. Card-Jitsu Fire. Ahem.

Ok the goal of the game is to burn out your opponent’s energies. Everyone starts out with 6 energies. (This is a two/three/four player game.) Everyone is standing on a bunch of blocks. There are pictures on each one: Fire, Snow, Water, 3-Element Symbol, and Card-Jitsu cards. There is a circle of smaller blocks in the middle. When its your turn, the circle of blocks in the middle will glow. Click one. It will tell you a number. Lets pretend the number is 3. Count three squares away from you in both directions. The picture on those squares will be glowing. Click on one and you will do a ninja flip over to it (thats my favorite part! 😀 ) You have some cards. Say the block you clicked is Fire. You need to play your highest Fire Card because you started a Fire Battle. If you had the highest number, lets pretend it was 10, and everyone elses cards were  8, 3, and 2, they would lose an energy. Comprendo? 

But theres more to it. If you land on the some square as someone else, or a block with the Card-Jitsu cards on it, you start a mini-card-jitsu-battle.  It is like card-jitsu, only you each play JUST ONE card. If you win the card-jitsu battle, you get take one of the opponents energies. haha. If you land on the 3-Element-Symbol, you get to chose which Element Battle to play. Understand? I’m probably really confusing you. Oh well. Anyway, you can win up to 4% closer to the next item each time. 

Ahhh I forgot to explain about the Fire Suit! The fire suit is Flame Sandals, Magma Coat, Lava Mask, and something else I think its a Fire Helmet. Once you have the Fire Suit, you challenge Sensei. If you beat him, you get a Fire Gem for your amulet. (only member ninjas with an amulet can enter the Fire Dojo.) This means theres going to be a Water Dojo and a Snow Dojo too. Cuz even Disney isnt stupid enough to only give you one amulet gem. I think.

This Card-Jitsu Fire business will be on a Page. 😉 

Ok i did my best! Im off. peace out! (sorry about no pictures for the fire thingy.)



One Response to “Lots of Stuff to Talk About!”

  1. scikid said

    Hey! Guess what! The Green Team is having a 7 days of fun party! Here is the info:

    Server: Ice Shelf
    Time: 2:00 CP time
    Date: December 6
    Room: Forest

    Be sure to come in green!


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