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Ninja Amulet Journey Thing!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 3, 2009

Ok, so theres a big Ninja Update!

All that fire we have collected has gone to melt a lot of gold and it is the ninja’s job to buy a goldsmith apron to mold all the gold! I wonder where all this gold came from?

Anyway, u have to go into the Ninja Hideout an buy the goldsmith apron.
(GUESS WHAT? U NEED TO BE A MEMBER. WHAT A SHOCKER.) But, u can wear the ninja mask with it and it still works!

anyway, this is basically pretty stupid, because all u do is whack this gold anvil with a hammer. it doesnt actually MAKE an amulet.

but it s still fun to hit stuff with a big hammer. so i took some pictures:

The Dojo Courtyardthe ninja hideouta picture.the appropiate way to use a hammer.well, thats all!



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