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Posted by Funkytwins on November 3, 2009

ok it turned out the party WAS tonight!

unfortuantely, due to some techniccal difficulties,

kyky did not make it.

she showd up for the first two minutes then her computer kaplooped.



1st place, winner of a one month membership is:

Picture 3*applause*

2nd Place, winner of a rare penguin, is:

Picture 4*clap clap* (ashley, plz comment ur email or something so i can send u the pengy!)

3rd place, winner of 1000 coins, is

Picture 1

*cheer cheer cheer*

4th place, winner of the title “4th place winner”, (and perhaps some coins!!)  is:

Picture 5this is Cpkid888!


Mkay, and thanks to everyone who participated! including the random people that showed up!

Congrats to our winners!

I think thats all,


7 Responses to “HALLOWEEN BASH 2009 REVIEW!!”

  1. Cpkid8888 said

    that random dude is me :/

    • funkytwins said

      it is? OMG IM SORRY! i figured ur name would be Cpkid888!!! LEMME CHANGE THAT!

      P.S. i can earn u some coins for a prize if ya want 😉

      • cpkid8888 said

        actully my cp name is mjw8888 its a long story why my name is Cpkid8888 mjw8888 is my rare NON member penguin and thats why i was going as my friends penguin Nunu1999red to win a membership and become rare again anywayz i would like some coins and maybe the bunny bandits can be allies with my army The Waffles Of Club Penguin
        ~Cpkid8888,Nunu1999red,Mjw8888,KID,WCP leader,~

      • Madi said

        well *cough* considering it was my party, then she can have 500 coins as a consilation prize

  2. Ashley DI said

    can i give u my e-mail on chat or something because i dont want other random peepz idk to know my e-mail, basically because i share a e-mail with my sister

    ~Ashley DI
    JuJu says: nvm i see it from this editing joint. haha this is cool!

  3. Ashley DI said

    k it’s in the comment info

    ~Ashley DI

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