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Halloween Bash 2009!

Posted by Funkytwins on October 18, 2009


😯  ATTENTION 😯 DATE CHANGE- NOVEMBER 2nd,(can everyone make that)  SAME TIME THOUGH!

Yola Senors y Senoritas,

Yup it’s that time of year again, time for Halloween!!! As you should know, Halloween is OUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!! SOOOOO we are gonna have the FIRST EVER HALLOWEEN BASH!!!!!  Their will be dancing, food, and maybe a little scaring in the process :wink:.

ALSO their will be a costume  contest. PRIZES-

1st place- 1 month membership

2nd place- rare penguin (but if u get it banned ur dead meat)

3rd place- 1000 coins

Held at Madi’s igloo, and it will be sure to be a party to remember!Madi and Fcel(Ky Ky) will be the judges because well it was Madi’s idea and Fcel already has all the prizes sooooo ya!

When? October 30, 2009 AD

Time? 7:00 EST

Where? Crunch, backup Icicle, backup to the backup Kosciuszko starting at the Book Room, and then to Madi’s igloo

Why? Well Halloween, and also a double Birthday Party for Skwirt and Madi, since no one even came to Skwirt’s, and no one cared about Madi’s.  Skwirt deserves a party with her friends, and Madi deserves a party.

PLEASEEEE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIZES!!!!!!!!!! DANCING!!!!!!!!!!! PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUFF!!!!!!!!! FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!


-Madi-;~Ky Ky~


22 Responses to “Halloween Bash 2009!”

  1. Madi said


  2. Skwirt said

    ME TOO!

  3. funkytwins said

    Fcel(Ky Ky) will be there and i will actually be there (I think) well anyways i probally wont be entering in any contests since well i have a sixth month member ship and well i am a rare penguin and i dont want another i will be judging the contests so take note of that. And i will be dressing up but Madi the costume is a surprize so no you may not know what it is.

  4. JuJu said


  5. Ashley DI said

    Ill be there!!! (hopefully) If i’m not there it means my stupid computer crashed again

    ~Ashley DI

  6. cpkid8888 said

    im comin

    • Skwirt said

      wait who are you? did you have a former name……well who ever you are nice to meet you. im skwirt.

      • JuJu said

        yeah. and why didnt u say that to that John person? HMMM?

      • cpkid8888 said

        No im Cpkid8888 i was visting flubby’s site and saw urs ive been visting and looking i love ur Random Stuff to do on Cp page and eXXtreme its lol and awesome anyway nice to meet you too skwirt i tried to make u a birthday banner but my computer crashed……:(
        PEAZ OUT HOMIE G…..

      • JuJu said

        AW SNICKITS.
        oh well.
        sorry ur computer crashed.
        DID IT BURN?
        *chuckles at lame joke*

  7. funkytwins said


  8. JuJu said

    how come u changed the time? and if u ppl mean 7:00 A.M. ill be asleep.

  9. Ashley DI said

    oh snap, i can’t come to the party on november 1st 😦 Sorry Guys:(

    ~Ashley DI

  10. Ashley DI said

    Yup the 2nd is good for me! 😀

    ~Ashley DI

  11. I’ll be asleep…

  12. slippey50833 said

    Check out the post below. I’m serious about it.

  13. JuJu said

    (that is skwirt right?)

    oh well…..

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