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Posted by Funkytwins on October 16, 2009

alright people i no this is not a big deal but really theres and 80% chance that someone hacked my account! if you no anybody please tell me…..



6 Responses to “Hackers!”

  1. JuJu said

    GAH. just because u might have spelt the password wrong or SOMETHING does NOT MEAN UR HACKED. i do that to myself all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its a possibility but i think its more of a 15% chance if anything. why would someone want to hack u anyway?

  2. JuJu said

    anyway that happens to me all the time. and why would the walrus hackers or ANYONE want to hack skwirt? she never did anything to make anyone mad.

  3. funkytwins said

    its just weird that it wasnt working for me….

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