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Posted by Funkytwins on October 7, 2009

OK everyone is quitting and its really irritating!

Flubby is quitting now!


What is up with all this dudes?!???

Admittedly, CP was WAAAAAAY more fun a year or so ago.

I will totally understand if u arent as interested in CP as u were before.

Also, the schoolwork thing: 

Yes, believe me my teachers pile on the homework.

But i still find time to go on, on weekends and during the week if i have a minute!

Urg. i guess im just saying, quitting doesnt accomplish a thing.

All ur friends r still here! its not like u quit and BAM nothing exists any more.

*cough FLUBBY cough* 

Heehee. Well really, even if u arent flubby u shouldnt quit.

Even if u do, dont loose contact with the friends u made! 
*glares at u all*


Whatever dudes! 


P.S. dont get upset if u think im being rude. redheads have horrible tempers, ask anyone. but really, dont quit.



9 Responses to “WHY PEOPLE WHY”

  1. Don’t worry, I will visit funkytwins when I have time, I will still be around on CP and if I do quit, I will eventually come back for a while

  2. Ashley DI said

    One of my best friends on CP, her name is GH Midori GH, is quitting forever and shes keeping NO contact with anyone. She made me really sad when she listed her friends on CP and she didn’t list me 😦 Noone likes me 😦

    ~Ashley DI

  3. Skwirt said

    i am so mad a flubby 😛 uggh! with out her we wont be alive!

  4. Annika1111 said

    hi! i didnt quit i still go on but not as much as b4,its cuz cows invated the earth!……its true

  5. cowtail5 said

    Sorry I not come to your site, been busy 😦
    Anyway, I am backk…..I wish flubby would not quit…

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