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Posted by Funkytwins on August 10, 2009

Hi peoples, JuJu here. As you must know by now, here there r two things we dont tolerate. Cursing and Advertising. Not many people who visit here curse, but recently advertising has become a problem. Now, i want to make this very clear. we arent obsessed with getting famous. Its just very very very very very very very irritating to visit this site and see people using us for their advantage. none of us here take very well to being used. So…


AND WERE TALKING TO EVERYONE!!!! NOT JUST ONE SPECIFIC PERSON!!!! (well we would like that one specific person AND YOU KNOW WHO U R!! to stop!!) 

guys, dont get mad at us. we luffles u all!!!! were all friends!!! But we hate advertisments!!!! we have advertised this site i think only three times on flubbys. Once cuz we just became an admin, another time when we were having problemes with the other bunny bandits, and the third  because of our bunny bandit mission. thats all. to flubby: sorry about that stuff, but it had to  be done!!! 😦 to the one person who knows who they r: dude, were  still ur friends. But that hurt, especially since u did it on the same day as my party!! NO IM NOT OVER THAT!!!

Were sorry if u hate us, but u shouldnt. how would u like it if we advertised on you guys’ sites?

So, old rule, new enforcements: NO ADVERTISING!!! not for contests, army things, just random ads, NOTHING!!!! and we dont like the ones that say, 

“WOW! ur site has improved since i last saw it! dont forget to visit mine at http://www.iamangry.com!”  cuz theyre all fake!!!! we may not be the smartest people in the world, but we know enough to recognize these things.

Ok, one thing still isnt clear. I like to party, so i myself dont mind the party ads. I guess, until i talk to the rest of the Team, theyre Ok, as long as u dont say ur site and/or the reason for the  party unless we ask. 

Thats all, for now. 



One Response to “GRRR!!!”

  1. JuJu said


    as madi pointed out only the day was clashing for the party, and that was our mistake. were sorry we got all mad. (im personally not available at that time anyway)

    but that still doesnt mean were gonna let u advertise.

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