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The Movie!!!!

Posted by Funkytwins on August 9, 2009



sorry guys but i have to go with my friends somewhere and i like wont be back until like 7 so i cant like miss this or the thing with my friends. soooo please RE-comment and say if u can come
Ok so hi future leaders of america Madi here with some exciting news.  Im going to be your dictator.  BOW DOWN TO ME!!! yaaaaa for my 12 birthday my dad bought me the earth.  I WILL ENSLAVE U ALL!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! JUST KIDDING!!! or am i….?  wellll anyway. i have the thingy for the movie all set up.  here are the parts.  i re-wrote the book a little so we have a few extra parts.

Flower44- Annika1111

DoubleD09- Dudemecool (Shes not just some random person i know her shes annika’s friend so dont think shes just using us to become famous)

Yellow Flying moose- JuJu

Pink sheep- Ashley Di

Green Puffle- Thunderman

Director (in like the movie u will see)- Skwirt621


now here is the behind the scenes

Music Director- NEEDED

Costume director -Madi

Director- Madi

Co- Directors- JuJu and Skwirt

Set Director- NEEDED


Alright so I was thinking we would have a costume check (just to make sure everyone has what they need) on FRIDAY, 14, AUGUST, 2009 AT 5:00 EASTERN TIME 2:00 PENGUIN STANDARD TIME


I make a great dictator ya gotta admit.  Sorry future leaders but thats the way the boat floats.  Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim.  Madi and JuJu gotta chase the Ice cream truck and then not have enough money so he just gives us our snowcones and we name him Antonio because he looks like an Antonio!!!

Im such a nerd.  I ROCK. im the good kind of nerd…. ya theres a good kind.  and yes, i sit with only juju, and ky ky and skwirt swich off with their other friends.  we also fight fith graders and then NOT  write letters of apology.  Oh look at me im tellin ya my whole life story.  All thats missing is some vikings and pop tarts.  Bye bye my darlings!!! until the 14!!!



40 Responses to “The Movie!!!!”

  1. Ashley DI said

    I’ll be at the costume check

  2. JuJu said

    I SHALL TOO!!! i have it all!!! the moose head, yellow color, yellow wings, gold sunglasses, yellow raincoat, yellow goggles, gold star necklace, yelow duckie tube, yellow tuba, two yellow t-shirts, and the yellow ninja belt. :mrgreen: IM READY FOR ACTION!

    P.S. mah memberpoop will expire on next sunday, NOT today next sunday, but its OK i have a backup one i can use
    P.P.S. JuJu + Snape 4ever!!!!! FOREVER!

  3. skwirt621 said

    i can go!

  4. Madi said

    ok good skwirt all u need is a hat

  5. Madi said

    i miss antonio… 😥

  6. Madi said

    😥 sad: 😥

  7. skwirt621 said

    aww its ok ill call his stinky unlce JOE OR JOSE IF YOUR FROM MEXICO!

  8. funkytwins said

    i do too….he was so nice…..

  9. Wexfief said

    JuJu, check my site. You’ve been nominated for my awards ceremony.

  10. Annika1111 said

    i hope i can go grrr hopefully i wont go any where else
    on that day

  11. cowtail5 said

    ookookook can i be music director guy

  12. cowtail5 said

    madi u need a megaphone

  13. JuJu said

    aaaa megaphone??? ohh i have one

  14. Madi said

    sorry guys um that was madi cept juju was using my computer so her info was logged in

  15. Mr.Soup said

    i have no idea why but my wp was suspended forev guys! so i made a new and i need u to add me back (im flabbergasted)
    to add me the email is imking1997@aol.com

  16. dudemecool said

    don wrry ill mke it 4 sure bc 2morows also festival of flight lol yay!

  17. JuJu said

    wat server, madi?

  18. Ashley DI said

    if its 2:00 PST tommorow I can’t make it, then I’ll be kicked out of the movie 😦

  19. JuJu said

    No no ashley u will only get kicked off if u dont COMMENT. its OK ur not gonna get booted.

  20. Annika1111 said

    i can come! and i will come!

  21. Madi said

    ashely can u go on at 1 pst???

  22. JuJu said

    Oh… well, just tell us if u have everything.

  23. Madi said

    can u go on right now??????

  24. dudemecool said

    ill b there i hpe friday i wouldve 4 sure but saturday im a lil buzy…ill c

  25. Madi said

    ok good enough just be there

  26. Annika1111 said

    im ready wen u pooples r
    lol pooples

  27. Madi said

    well im ready but ya know like no one else is so

  28. Madi said

    omg annika u know 2ne1?
    well theres this band called 4 minute and they r copying 2ne1 so go to youtube and search “4 minute hot issue” and click the first one and then pause it at 00:58 and look how HILARIOUS it is shes like “WINK AND BAD SMILE EHEHEH” the lead singer is BUTT UGLY

  29. Madi said

    five minutes and no ones here!

  30. Annika1111 said

    lol butt ugly

  31. Dudemecool said

    i am so srrrry i ddnt show up 4 ur costume thingy i had 2 go o the hospital to my sik uncle and my om said that is more important then thiz so the movies over? 😦

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