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Oreo’s\JuJu Super Awemsome Birthday Bash part 2

Posted by Funkytwins on August 9, 2009

ok everybody..as we no only two people showed up to JuJu’s penguins birthday bash part 1. So who agrees that we make it up to her? Well  i do because i think 2 years old is a big day for a penguin! So here whats going to happen.  (this is all for you JuJu)



WHEN: AUGUST 11th 2009 , 2:00 PST, 5:00 EST

WHERE: ICICLE, BUT IF FULL ICECUBE (starting at the dock)


 SKWIRT621 ❤

JuJu says: thanks!!!!!!! I LUFFLES YOU

Slippey says: Sorry to interupt but my 2000 Hits Party news is on the post below.


42 Responses to “Oreo’s\JuJu Super Awemsome Birthday Bash part 2”

  1. funkytwins said


  2. Ashley DI said

    Im coming! Where are we meeting on Icicle?

  3. JuJu said


    probably at the dock

  4. Madi said

    sure u can borrow my iggy but ummm well im kinda short on cash so can i email u my password and then u can decorate anyway u want?? ps i will be there like last time!!

  5. cowtail5 said

    Hey, would you like to particiapate in a 3-day war on monday, bunny bandits vs. pizza fans(and maybe tacos helping us) and maybe lime green bunnies, and army of darkness?

  6. Wexfief said

    I need all army leaders to be at this chat : {imgettingmad.com/testingmypatience} at 6 PM PST on Tuesday.

    Wex, stop using us for advertising!!! First, if u had bothered to read, u would have noticed that MY MAKEUP BIRTHDAY PARTY as at the same time. Second, why even comment here???? NONE OF US ARE LEADERS!!!! ur pushing it wex, im serious. stop commenting here if all ur going to do is advertise. ill take u off the friends page and quit being allies with u. im sick of this!!!!

  7. Madi said

    i definietly CANNOT be on at that time wex. sorry

  8. skwirt621 said

    ok we are meeting at the dock…..but then we are going to jujus igloo from there but meet at the dock

  9. Wexfief said

    I’m just informing you because you wanted to join WF. 😐 And I actually do read your posts and look at your pages… I’m just don’t want to type.

  10. Wexfief said

    And I can’t come to your makeup party… Sorry.

  11. Wexfief said

    And I’m pretty sure that you and Skwirt are leaders of the Bunny Bandits so I’m just telling you to go there at that time so we can arrange the WF.

  12. slippey50833 said

    I’m pretty sure I can come, but I might not be able to.


  13. SKWIRT said

    ok this good but we need more people i have to make it up to her. ok . and wex dont go posting ads on our site or meetings on it to that are at the same time. basically you ruin her penguins birthday! im mean why do you do that! one more ad im through with the whole site!

  14. JuJu said

    Wexfief: well even though the LINK wasnt an ad the basic comment was. besides, i really did want to go to the war of fun it would be awesome!! but i couldnt cuz i didnt know the time was clashing!!! im sorry i got mad But u couldve at least checked the time on the post BEFORE commenting….. 😡 and u have advertised before!!!! BLAH im just upset right now……GRRRR and we r the leaders, i thought u meant of YOUR army. sorry about that… 😳 But anyway, PLZ STOP ADVERTISING! like in general, army whatsits or not.

  15. slippey50833 said

    JuJu, I can’t come 😦 I’m sorry I have soccer practice.

  16. SKWIRT said

    alright this good still

  17. JuJu said

    BTW, i may be a little be late. like 5:10 maybe my sister is being really mean

  18. JuJu said

    and madi when theres still 10 minutes left dont freak if ppl arent there yet. and plz wait for me cuz i might be a little late cat is having her friend over at the pool and i have to come and i have no clue when i will be back 😥 😥 😥 SO I WILL BE BACK ASAP!!!!! I PROMISE

  19. Wexfief said

    My internet isn’t working well. I’m trying to log in.

  20. Wexfief said

    Ok, I can’t log on CP since my dumb internet is slow. Sorry. But we can chat at my chat.

  21. JuJu said


  22. JuJu said

    hey where r u all?

  23. JuJu said

    i told u i would be late see i was at the pool and then my sister wouldnt leave and i was stuck there and OMG im suprised i made it back anytime before midnight

  24. JuJu said

    but im here! so lets PARTAYYY!!!!

  25. JuJu said

    i can see this is a flop too

    but i guys can at least comment if ur leaving…. 😐

    • Ashley DI said

      I was at icicle and u weren’t there for like 45 min. so I left 😦

      • JuJu said

        i came on at 5:25 and waited at the Dock

      • Ashley DI said

        Were u at Icicle cuz I was there a long time at the dock and u weren’t there :-/

      • JuJu said

        yeah i went on icicle and i was at the dock…..HEY! i think i know wat happened!! it was one of those weird glitches that b4 u log in u see the servers and it says ur buddy is on. i logged on and then there werent any online buddys on mah list. So when it took off ur user, u didnt show up on my computer and i didnt show on urs. Maybe thats wat happened???

      • Ashley DI said


  26. Madi said

    guys im so so so so sorry i didnt come cuz i had camp until 4 then my mom picked me up at like 4 30 and i was really tirreeddd so i took a nap and woke up at like 5 30 and was like OMG!!!! JUJU’S PARTY!!!

  27. Annika1111 said

    grrr i missed it im sorry 😦

  28. JuJu said

    Ok. We have had two flops! we will have a FANTASTIC POOPOO!!!! R U READY FOR A FANTASTIC POOPOO????

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