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Posted by Flabbergasted on August 5, 2009

its over!

Madi says- ummmmm ok???


6 Responses to “MUSIC VID OVER!”

  1. JuJu said

    1. Snowydude190/Rock Band 09
    2. jonas brothers year 3000
    3. xat.com/funkytwins
    4. the green shamrock pin


  2. Madi said

    wow im not even gonna try this this is like soo stupid and unfair just let us all be in the video i mean really just dont even include me i can make my own video WITH EVERYONE

  3. Flabbergasted said

    do u know how hard this is! well guess what! i hat cp and idc if u wanna make a video now!

  4. JuJu said

    u offered to do this, flabbergasted. we just agreed to it. 😐

  5. Madi said

    i and i could make one i just need to know how to put them on youtube

  6. skwirt621 said

    look if we are doing it we are doing it together so next time dont even start flabbergasted and if you hate cp so much why do you even blog? this so unfair where a team and you cant disinclude everyone just because you want to get closer. so if you hate club penguin then dont bbother making a vid!!!!!!!!!!!

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