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The Bunny Bandit Meeting!!!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 30, 2009

Hey future voters, Madi here with some exciting stuff.  Here we got everything you need to know about the Bunny Bandit meeting!

What happened- First, we all met up at the dock.  It was me (Jonaslove456), JuJu (11 Oreo 11), Slippey (Slippey50833), Skwirt (Skwirt621), and Annika11 (and thats her username!) and we met up at the dock. THEN we added Idonotsmell, and starting robbing places like CRAZY!! The pizza parlor, the coffee shop, we started a party at some random persons igloo. It was epic.  Then, we went back to our HQ (idonotsmell’s iggy) but we lost Annika! Then we found her in the REAL HQ and had to explain the concept to her.  THAT was not epic.  Then we had a snowball fight with some random person at the snowforts, and then this REALLY WEIRD girl starts hugging us and saying “My bunnies!” and we were like “AHHHH!! GET AWAY! WE R NOT UR BUNNIES!” Then we took some group pictures and had a BLAST!

FUN AMMOUNT- Out of 10? hmm 1,838,748,789,530,984,593,845. Yea that works.

IM SOOO SORRY for whoever couldn’t make it!!! We really wish u could be there!!! Sigh. 

Here are some pics!!!

This one i practically totured them to take. 😀


heres on that I added annika to cuz she had to leave so i felt bad.sryannika

This one I orignally took with slippey, but i accdentally deleted it so i did this instead. SORRY SLIPPEY! he had already left before i realized it.FINALLY!sorryslippeyhehe

And now its time to get serious.


UNFORTUNATELY we have to remove two members of the Bunny Bandits from the team. It’s quite sad, but we have to stay true to our word. This is gonna be hard. 

Grgle and Zebby_Ipod_Ninjas_Queen.

Grgle never responded, and Zebby said she would be there but wasn’t. I’m really sorry guys but this is the way it has to be.  WE LUV YA!

Alright enough being sad, they can just ask to be back on in a week.  Alrighty future voters, just remember, VOTE MADI FOR NOTHING! That really suits me cuz thats my favorite thing to do! Luv ya,



17 Responses to “The Bunny Bandit Meeting!!!”

  1. I can’t wait for the next mission :D!

  2. Zebby said

    I waz never a bunny any way lol! I never wanted to be either 😐 I just said I would be there.

    But I couldn’t, because were packing and stuff 😮 .

  3. coolkid870thunderman87 said

    Hey Juju its me thunder whatdo you need?I emailed you at this Email qtkthunderman87@gmail.com
    Cya 😀

  4. JuJu said


    liar liar pants aflame u shall die and feel the pain!!! U SAID THIS: Zebby July 22, 2009 at 6:56 AM Ok… I’ll be there and ummm…. Shall I be a bunny ??

    but thats OK, we forgiv u. 🙂

  5. JuJu said

    cowtail: huh? well, she was never mean to us but she wasnt nice either. she said she would join but didnt come, and she wasnt mad at us or anything….hm. i like to make friends so ill just be on my guard from now on. 😦

    i did see wat she said to either u r wexfief, she said like she was never gonna donate anything. it was pretty poopish. but she didnt do anything to us….

  6. Zebby said

    look I’m nice, cowtail5 makes everyone hate me 😦 I’m sorry I was out shopping for suitcases and stuff…

    I think I might quit cuz of cowtail5 😥 to show you I’m nice I’ll donate you something 😀

  7. JuJu said

    ok dudes listen!!!!

    whatever tension or whatever thats between zebby and cowtail
    isnt mah problem!!!!!! and thats Ok zebby were not mad.

    and plus, u shouldnt quit just cuz someone doesnt like u. i know a lotta people who hate meh 😀 and plus again, u cant exactly scam cowtail off ten penguins and not expect someone to dislike you. not saying i do, just warning ya

  8. Zebby said

    It’s not that, he makes my penguin life and real life so hard he tells EVERYONE who is my friend mean things about me and I was only mad a wex once xD

  9. Zebby said

    I won’t advertise my site I’m sure you know it 😉 but comment on the post zebby feels like quitting?

  10. Annika1111 said


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