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Widgets, Xat Chat, and Music

Posted by Funkytwins on July 28, 2009

Hey peoples, JuJu and Madi here. We decided we need the three above things, and in case ur a dumbo, the are:

A Widget
A Xat Chat
More Music (that we choose)

Skwirt knows how to make a xat chat.
Widgets…yeah. HELP
Flabbergasted: plz make a different song play first, and tell us how to add our own. 🙂

Anyone know wat to do????? Help us!!!! AHHHH

bubbles, not war. and cake.

*JuJu* and -Madi-


11 Responses to “Widgets, Xat Chat, and Music”

  1. flabbergasted said

    im very good at computers so i know how to change music
    BUT it involves HTML and allot of tech stuff

    gimme a list of what music u want 1-20
    and gimme wich ones in order and ill make it for you 🙂

  2. JuJu said

    YAY!!!! thank u flabbergasted!!!! i will contact madi and skwirt!!!!!

  3. flabbergasted said

    oh and u wanna make a xat! i can make you one! ill make it http://xat.com/funkytwins ok 🙂

  4. JuJu said



    can we just do it /funky????
    sorry but i allready made it 😦 and it says i cant make another

  5. funkytwins said

    thanks much, pal, u rock!

    i gtg!!!!! see u l8r!!!!

  6. Madi said

    ummm it think skiwrt wanted to make it..

  7. JuJu said

    all she said was she knew how

  8. Madi said

    oh and also flabbergasted add
    Fire- 2ne1
    I dont care-2ne1
    Lets go party
    can u make fire first?

  9. JuJu said

    lets go party also by 2ne1 and i like pretty boy but madi is gonna kill meh so no pretty boy…..also we must have dancing queen (mama mia) and magical mystery tour

  10. Madi said

    ahhhh one hour and a half till meeting!!!

  11. JuJu said

    i know…im not staying on im just checkin some stuff quickly

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