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New Servers!!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 28, 2009

Yup, club penguin has added several new servers!! these servers are:

1. Dry Ice safe chat
2. Glacial safe chat
3. Ice Cave safe chat
4. Ice Pack safe chat
5. Patagonia safe chat
6. Sasquatch (madis personal fave) {freaky fact: we discovered this new server as we watching a show about Sasquatch!!!!!!! NO LIE}
7. Shiver
8. Snow Covered safe chat
9. Snow Day
10. Snow Shoe

Mkay, that all we can find. Did we miss any, r any of them old? TELL ME NOW!

JuJu has a question. Why is there not a CPCP, Club Penguin Construction Party??
They made new servers in March – April 2008 and had a big party and handed out the red mining hats. Why arent they doing that now? Or did i get my facts wrong? AHHH!!!

Well, Bye.

*JuJu* and -Madi-

P.S. madi is eating slush. madi, PLEASE SHUT UP! she is like, *smack smack slurp* MADI I WILL KILL U!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! STOP EATING SO LOUD!!!!! AHHHH
P.P.S. madi says: this is yummy. *self-satisfied smile* 🙂 NEVER!!! U CANT MAKE ME!!!!


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