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A Mystery…

Posted by Funkytwins on June 23, 2009

…and not a happy one! we have our very own hater. hooray. His name is isuckudont. well it should be, but actually his name is irockudont. he seems to enjoy putting us down bcuz he has no life. thanks to Detective Soup, we have found out that he uses the same computer as JuJu, Madi, and whoever is under the name Funkytwins. madi and juju dont use the same computer, so i think the signs point to my older sister. here the stats:

Name: irockudont
Site: some stupid job website called http://www.com
Comments: so far he has commented twice, we deleted one but the other is under the Angry Page.
Actions: tries to make himself seem cool by trying to make us seem uncool.
SUSPECTS, in order of possibility: JuJu’s sister Cat, Madi’s bro, or Tenpoop the Eville.

if u find out who this person is and tell us, u will get top if the blogroll like this: 


and a rare penguin!! (dont worry team juju has a few lol) we will put u on our friends page too!! in bold!! so please, help us for the prizes and because we r nice people!!!! 😦

~The Funkytwins Team~


4 Responses to “A Mystery…”

  1. funkytwins said


  2. slippey50833 said

    Weird mystery…

  3. JuJu said

    u cant make it both Madi’s and jujus u idiot

  4. JuJu said

    omg i clicked the link and i got bad images my mind is afraid…..i thought it was three w’s? irockudont doesnt even know his own site thats pretty sad

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