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Posted by Funkytwins on June 18, 2009

SPOILER ALERT! If you keep reading, you will see one of the free items for the summer! if that doesnt bother you, continue reading. 


THE RED LEI IS COMING BACK! PARTAYYY!!!! I, myself, have always wanted a lei. leis r cool and the word “lei” is fun to say and type. lei lei lei lei. anyway, this is great news for some people and lousy news for others. its great for peeps like me who want a lei and bad for people who already have it! Plus, people could pretend to be rare. the red lei is CP’s second rarest items. now the only way to tell if people r rare is it theyre BETAS! (i dont think the beta hat will come back cuz why would CP have another beta test party?) stupid disney! oh well. comment on what u think.


2 Responses to “IMPORTANT”

  1. Flabbergasted said

    how u know?

  2. JuJu said

    Rheddy and Cowtail and FLubby have it all on their sites

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