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Posted by Funkytwins on May 13, 2009

Guess what! we got 539 views in april! right now in may we have 218! this is awesome!!!! WE ROCK!!!!

~ JuJu and Skwirt

P.S. is a view like a hit???? cuz if it is then yay!


7 Responses to “Stats”

  1. It is!
    Can I work here?

  2. JuJu said


    i have been trying but i always get

    “that email does not belong to wordpress”


  3. did u put flubby123456@gmail.com?

  4. JuJu said



    i thought it was yahoo!

  5. skwirt said

    juju wait guess how many hits we have…….904!!! Im not kidding you got to believe me…i have a quick q….wats the difference betwin hits and views are they the same????

  6. JuJu said

    thinketh i they r the same!!!!!

    HEY LOOK THERES THE NUMBER ON THE SIDE! did flubby do that or did we do that?

  7. JuJu said

    gtg bye peoples!

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